The Chill Puck is an ice pack molded to match the bottom of all standard cans. This mold maximizes the amount of surface area connecting the freezing cold ice pack and the can, actually chilling your beverage while you drink!

Chill Puck is the next gen ice pack and is ready to get under your drink. Take it with you wherever you go by attaching it with the Chill Band. Chill Bands can be customized with your favorite colors and logos. Rock the Bands on your wrist where they're always on deck for your next drink. 

Q: How do I reach you?

A: Contact Information

Email: Contact@Chillpuck.com

Twitter: @Chill_Puck

Facebook: facebook.com/chillpuck

Instagram: instagram.com/chill_puck


Q: How do they work?

A: Freeze it.  Then attach it by pressing the can down and twisting.  When you're ready for another beverage, put the Chill Puck back into the freezer/cooler and grab another one.


Q: How long do they stay cold?

A: This depends on the surroundings.  At room temperature they will stay cold over an hour.  If kept in a cooler with ice the sky is the limit.  Replace your Chill Puck with each beverage.


Q: Will this cool a warm beer?

A: No.  The Chill Puck will prolong your drinking enjoyment.  


Q: Will this stop global warming?

A: Potentially.


Q: Can I customize Chill Pucks?

A: YES!  We have a graphic designer who will work with you and your logos to create a custom set of Chill Pucks.  


Q: Does it work with bottles?

A: No.  Bottles come in all shapes and sizes.  


Q: What good beers come in cans?

A: Checkout craftcans.com to find out.